Street Photography Pill #28


Best school of Photography is the street. No discussion.

It feeds all my other work, and if you asked me if I could photograph anything *right now* I would be on a busy street corner, anywhere in the world, doesn’t matter.

Had a pretty fun time with @brandondowery yesterday. No agenda, no brief, just fun. #vscofilm #nikon

I don’t usually do selfies in the bathroom whilst shooting groom-prep, but when I do….

(finish this meme and the best gets a prize)

Wave upon wave of demented avengers
March cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream.

- Pink Floyd

Originally on Instagram, this is the ‘full frame’ version.

I was at Bay Leaf on Sunday morning grabbing a coffee for the drive home. I could sit and watch people for hours. It really reminds me how I should have the Fuji with me everywhere and not just a phone.

Byron Bay from the road to Bangalow and Lismore.